The Bread List

“Bread is the king of the table and all else is merely the court that surrounds the king.”
Louis Bromfield

Bread list April 2020

  • Isleworth White Sourdough
  • NEW Seeded Sourdough
  • 100% Rye Sourdough

SPECIALS Thursday 9th April 2020:

  • Hot Cross Buns / Not Cross ‘ Happy’ Buns
  • Focaccia – rounds – choose toppings (see below)

Next Bake Day  

  • Friday 17th April 2020

All products are detailed below.


Sourdough loaves are made using natural wild yeasts that have been cultivated using organic flour, water and a lot of care. The process of making a sourdough loaf cannot be rushed, it needs time to ferment and proof slowly but the rewards are in the flavour.

Isleworth Sourdough 

(Silver Award Winning)

450g – £3.00 
900g – £4.50

Awarded Silver at the 2019 World Bread Awards in the Authentic Sourdough Plain category. This is a domed/ oval white wheat sourdough loaf made using a locally produced rye starter with just four ingredients… flour, water and, salt and natural wild yeast… and a lot of love and attention over a 32-36 hour period where it is stretched, folded and shaped. Great fresh or toasted. 

NEW Seeded Sourdough

450g – £3.50 

A new seeded sourdough! An oval seeded sourdough loaf made using my rye starter and a combination of Shipton Mill’s three malts & sunflower organic brown flour and white bread flour. A textured flavoursome sourdough loaf.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour (fortified with calcium carbonate, iron, niacin and thiamin), wholemeal wheat flour, malted wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, malted barley flour, brown linseed, golden linseed, malted rye grain, and pumpkin seeds, rye flour, salt and water.

100% Rye Sourdough

400g £3.00

Rye starter, salt, rye flour and water. 4 simple ingredients make up this very tasty loaf. Ask if you would like me to add additional ingredients which work well in this. Choose from seeds, spices, raisins, honey or agave.

Hot Cross / Not Cross ‘Happy’ Buns

2 for £3.00, 4 for £5.00, 6 for £7.00

Soft sweet dough buns flavoured with rich spices including cinnamon, ground mixed spice, all spice, ginger and clove. Made from wheat and wholemeal flour enriched with milk, sultanas, sugar, butter, egg, yeast and salt. Fresh or toasted, with or without butter.

Chocolate & Orange Hot Cross Buns

2 for £4.00, 4 for £6.50, 8 for £12.00

As above, with the addition of chocolate, orange juice and orange zest. No sultanas.



£3.50 per cake (4 portions) 

A cake shaped springy focaccia made with Shipton Mill’s tipo 00 flour with a choice of toppings:

  • Rosemary, tomato, red onions and sea salt
  • Red pepper, feta cheese and sea salt
  • Potato, pesto and sea salt

Ordering – how to order and payment

The following details have been updated on Thursday 26th March 2020 

All orders to be placed through email or WhatsApp ONLY on: or 07814 307457. I will need to know your name if you are a new customer, the quantity and size (where a choice of size is given) of the items that you are ordering.

Please ensure that you have read the description of the items that you are ordering, specifically the ingredients to ensure there are no issues with potential allergens. If in any doubt please ask.

I will not be accepting orders through instant messenger, Facebook, Instagram or other forms of social media. I am planning an online shop to simplify this system further and will update when this is in place.

All orders to be paid for by bank transfer to my account. I can confirm the amount and the bank details. If BACS is not possible please put the correct money in an envelope with your name on it. This is to protect all of us.

All orders to be in 2 days before your order is due, Tuesday by 4pm for Thursday orders. Orders will be confirmed on a first come first served basis. Please note that in the current climate some supplies have proved difficult to obtain – this may mean I have to change orders.

Collection and Delivery –during Coronavirus – can you help or do you need help?

Orders can be collected from my home on Worton Road, near the Royal Oak pub in Isleworth. I will confirm my address when you order.

I am not planning to deliver orders at present as I feel my time is best spent baking, especially if it is busy. If however you can offer to collect a neighbours order that would be great. I may ask if you are passing another customer’s house to assist. If you are dropping to another customer I ask that you follow social distancing guidelines. 

If you are self isolating or unable to collect but would like to order – please let me know and don’t forget to give your name and postal address so that I can see if someone else can help you. 

Collection – social distancing

When collecting your order please call or text me, failing that knock on my door or ring the doorbell (gloved hands preferred) when you arrive, then stand back by my gate. I will check who has knocked then place your wrapped order on my doorstep on  tray/ box and close the door. This is to protect all of us.

Please remember to bring a bag if it is a large order. I have small bags for individual bakes and some gift bags which I can recycle however I am running out of these.

I usually offer a range of breads and other bakes as detailed in red below. Please order ahead following the deadlines above.

I look forward to baking for you!

If you would like to be notified of what I’m baking each week please sign up to the Bread List stating whether you prefer email or WhatsApp. I will then contact you when the breadlist has been updated each week to remind you to check back here. In case you miss the email/WhatsApp please check back tot his page for up-to-date information.

Interested? Sign up to the Bread List to be notified of what I will be baking.


Food Allergens

All bakes are made in my home kitchen where wheat, gluten, eggs, milk, sesame seeds, nuts, peanuts and meat are all handled. For allergen advice please read the descriptions of each bake above  or contact me if you have any questions.